Linda & Graham Allchurch

Our original plan for re-fitting our kitchen and pantry was to use flat-pack
cabinets, and we only visited Capri as we happened to drive past their unit in
Yes, they would provide flat-pack cabinets, but were not enthusiastic to do so.
When we asked why, their response was that ‘they liked to be able to take
pride in the completed job’. This was said with such passion that we decided to
probe further.
Their whole approach was very professional, but also friendly. Everyone we
had dealings with was extremely competent and helpful.
Their experience enabled us to achieve a layout we are very happy with.
The whole project had a clear plan, which identified all activities which would
take place, and the date on which they would happen. Our responsibilities as
customer – to specify and have available all the white goods – were made
The plan was followed rigorously, and the result is that we have a kitchen and
pantry which we love.
A small number of changes were handled professionally and at reasonable
cost, and attention to detail was meticulous. Any small defect was rectified
before the job was handed over.
It is a rare pleasure to work with a supplier who sets out to, and delivers a
result that they can be truly proud of.
Capri certainly achieved that for us.
Marks out of 10 …….11!