Specialised Furniture Display

Display Cases & Cabinets 

Capri Qld can design a display in any size to put your treasured items on show, could be something you want to show but not touched 

The ladies may have a handbag, shoe or perfume collection, sporting memorabilia or achievement awards and the men may have a comic, Lego or figurine collection, guns, sporting memorabilia or achievement awards. There’s so many hobbies and odd things that people are drawn to and collect. 

Glass display cabinets with lockable doors and internal lighting is a popular design we have made for lots of clients.  

Just recently, we manufactured a glass cube with a motorised base for a client that wanted to display an ancient vase. This vase was his prized possession. We fitted internal LED lighting and rotating base plate inside glass cube, both with on/off sensors. 

We used glass sliding doors LED lighting for a couple of clients who collected matchbox and hot wheels miniature cars, another collected remote control cars 

High end crockery and collectible plates are a popular item for us to design display cabinets as well 

We have looked after various hotels with foyer display cases for souvenirs and branded clothing 

 Let Capri Qld know what you need, and we will look after you, contact us now