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Custom-Made Home Office Furniture by CAPRI QLD

Good Furniture Defines Your Taste and Personality!

Decorating the home or your work office is one of the crucial aspects of living a standard lifestyle. Adding a touch of elegance with some unique things allows us to revive our surroundings tenfold. It’s not just your home that needs to look good; an office with a soothing yet elegant interior navigates better work efficiency as it enhances and lifts the mood, enabling the employees and employers to work in a better environment. 

Therefore, it is essential to know about the best furniture you can buy to design your home office’s interior, just like the ones created by Capri QLD!


Be original with the furniture; your home and office will speak for you!

Capri QLD was founded in 1996, starting from a small factory in Southport, Gold Coast, Queensland, for eight years. Husband and wife team David and Veronica Norton led it. The company expanded quickly to a factory in Molendinar, Gold Coast Queensland, for five years, then they decided to find a bigger factory again. Finally, it shifted to its current location in Enterprise St Melbourne, Gold Coast QLD, in 2009. 

Capri QLD designers and manufacturers of various joinery and cabinetry, custom kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, wardrobes to complete commercial fit-outs, reception counters, staff rooms to various shop fit outs Gold Coast, etc. Capri QLD is a proven leader in custom-made home office furniture and furniture design for over 33 years. It increased and gained a reputation for service and excellence in home office design

Capri QLD has always taken pride in its inspiring designs, fantastic client relations, timely service, and best craft quality. Professional teamwork, communication, and enthusiasm make Capri QLD unique and a cut above the rest. We assure you the best.


Things that make Capri QLD stand apart from others:

  • Capri QLD has a professional designing team that provides exotic custom designs. Excellent communication and understanding with clients, prioritizing customer satisfaction.
  • Timely services.
  • The highest-quality and modern standard of living.
  • Well-qualified, trained, and courteous staff.

Our Objective

We Intend to Achieve at Capri QLD: Our goal is to always provide a professional service with a modern standard of quality and customer satisfaction. There is no fit-out that Capri QLD can’t deal with, such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, renovations, bars to complete office and nightclub fit-outs. 

We employ well-trained and well-qualified tradespeople, who can work according to the customer’s choice and can provide their best services for it. We strive to stand out and be the best among our competitors is our primary objective. Gaining customer’s trust, enchanting them with our inspiring designs, and dealing with the best custom-designed cabinets is what Capri QLD strives for!


Unit 4/9-11, Enterprise Street, Molendinar QLD 4214 Australia.

Benefits of Custom-Made Home Office Furniture by Capri QLD

Home Office is designated in a person’s residence for official business purposes. Capri QLD assures you the best of its services for custom made home office furniture. The benefits of trusting Capri QLD can get summed up as:

  • A professional designing team that provides practical custom designs for your furniture. For example, Office desk.
  • Excellent communication with clients, builders, designers, manufacturers, and all labor involved in the project.
  • No obligation-free quotes.
  • Custom/specialized furniture designs as per the client’s needs.
  • Site visit, assessments, and accommodations.
  • Client satisfaction and choice are our topmost priorities.
  • Capri QLD does all manufacturing work, deliveries, and installation.
  • Service completion on time.

A practical and functional home office is your dream, and Capri QLD is here to fulfill your wish. We provide the best work with the lowest rates possible, making it economical for our clients. Having a beautiful and well-furnished home office is what we promise to you. Trusting Capri QLD can be one of your best decisions!

Capri QLD emphasizes using a variety of materials and finishes to achieve a streamlined and latest look. The best quality craft goes into every bit of custom-made furniture by our expert tradesmen. Capri QLD assures the best of its service and takes care of any request our customer makes. Capri QLD deals in making custom-built fit-outs, cabinets, and custom-made home office furniture

The list includes:

  1. Media units.
  2. Libraries.
  3. Buffets.
  4. Feature wall cladding.
  5. Robes.

Capri QLD strives for excellence while producing high-quality cabinetry and believes that communication, customer service, and reliability are crucial to meeting our client’s needs. Our staff consists of qualified and well-trained tradespeople, which play an essential role in achieving a trusted name in the custom-made home office furniture manufacturers. We strive to provide the best to our customers, not something ordinary and outdated. 

Our primary purpose is our client’s maximum satisfaction by providing them the services they desire. We want Capri QLD to be the first name in your mind when it comes to custom-made home office furniture. Building the trust among our clients, enchanting them with our unique designs, providing services on-time, and giving them the best response for trusting us is what we keep as our priority.

Specialties of Capri QLD

The services which make us trustworthy for our clients are:

  1. Customer satisfaction. 
  2. Inspiring designs.
  3. Well-qualified staff.
  4. Cooperation with the demands of our clients.
  5. Task completion on time.

You dream and design your home office, and Capri QLD will fulfill your dream. We believe in giving the best to our customers, and for that, we take pride in having inspiring and custom-made designs, high-tech and time-saving methods, best-quality, and service completion on time.