Specialised furniture outdoor kitchen – BBQ


Outdoor living and entertaining is a big part of Queensland’s culture, can’t beat having friends and family around for a feast and some cold ones 

Why not enjoy that with an outdoor kitchen or BBQ as good as your main kitchen or even better 

Whether your preference is a free-standing, built-in, portable or flat top, custom cabinets and joinery can be designed and made to suit any type of BBQ.  

Add-ons like pizza ovens, smokers and even teppanyaki plates can be customised to your cabinets 

Capri Qld can specify special purpose materials for outdoor use and able to withstand open air environments. Harsh wind, rain and direct sunlight can cause damage if the right materials are not used. We will always give advice and direction but ultimately, the decision comes down to what you would like and the look you’re trying to achieve 

Ventilation around your gas bottle and cooking plate is always recommended and there are many options to achieve this